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About Us

About Us

Welcome to SaemON Technology.

In the 4th Industrial Revolution era, everything is connected and value is created though such connections.

Radio wave is a valuable resource for the connection and value creation, an antennas are the critical part of wireless communication.

SaemON Technology has been striving to develop competitive antenna solutions for the past 10 years. It has been supplying more than tens of millions of antenna products in the fields of Wi-Fi, IoT and mobile communication at home and abroad through its successful development of new structure and materials.

SaemON Technology is focusing on developing antenna solutions optimized for the 5G mobile communication service environment to contribute to building various sensor networks as well as MU-MIMO services in the future.

All the members of SaemON Technology are working to create a small but strong company that continues to communicate and share with others. We will do our best to create and provide values for customers all over the world.


Thank you very much.


CEO & President Choi, Pan-sik

Company History


Started developing external type antenna for KT’s 802.11ax service(Mercury Corp, All Radio)


Developed a new composite material for antenna with low loss (patent applied)


Automated assembly machine expanded


Affiliated Research Institute established

Patent on antenna apparatus structure applied (integral antenna with multi-axes rotation available)

Invested in automated assembly machine


Started providing external type antennas to Mercury Corp. for KT, LGU+ & CJ (proprietary new material applied)

Registered as a partner of Davolink, and started providing external type antennas for SKB

Developed a new material for antennas with low loss 


Developed low loss new material for antenna (patent applied)

Started providing external type antennas to Mercury Corp. for SKB (proprietary new material applied)


Developed high gain antennas for 5GHz WiFi


Developed thin film-type high frequency antennas (patent applied)




SaemON Technology established

Registered as a partner company of Mercury Corporation

Developed antennas for intelligent metering infrastructure (patent applied)



Business Area & Vision

lR&D-based company specialized in antenna products

No. 1 company providing WiFi AP antenna products in Korea

Having provided various antennas for smart remote power metering systems, IoT devices and LoRa devices

(external & internal types)

Developed a new material with high permittivity for smaller high gain antennas

Customer-oriented Fast, Strong and Smart company growing into a small hidden champion

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Geumo-ro 604 beon-gil 7, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do 14927, the Republic of Korea

Tel +82-70-7703-7333 / Fax +82-31-624-0499 /

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